Have to restart BSS twice to apply updates

Just a heads up for devs and anyone else that may have an issue with BSS not seeming to have applied it's update even though it said the update was ready and to restart.

I've had the last 2 updates now that they didn't get applied until I restarted the app a second time. Just happened again with 5.4.3 update this morning.

Mac Version OS High Sierra

Something similar yesterday, with 5.4.3 Windows, Had the there's a new Update message it will install when you restart the program, that appeared to happen as on first re-opening it wanted the Licence Key, closing and reopening it had picked up my Licence Key, however on going to Help and then About Bootstrap Studio it still showed Version 5.4.2, and I still had a message that a new version was ready to install but it didn't. In the end I manually downloaded the updated version and it installed perfectly picking up the Licence key perfectly.


Yeah I hear others say they have issues with it asking again for the license key. I've not had that issue thankfully. For me it's just these last two updates that I got the popup for the update telling me to restart to apply it, but it just didn't apply it the first time I restarted, which it usually does. After restarting a second time then it applied the update and all is as it should be. Not a major issue I would think, but hopefully others will see this thread and try that before reporting it.