help need target link apart from icon

i have a link with a font awesome icon in after looking around i noticed there is no way to target the link text separate from the icon the only way i could find out is the custom code object but that has disadvantage aswell i need to write the icons by hand and becuse its a custom code i cant easly edit the text anymore is there a other way aroud boostrap generates text as "text" not as help is there a workaround?

Not entirely sure what your meaning. Are you or are you not wanting the icon to be part of the link or you having trouble editing the text without then also deleting the icon?

If you don't want it to be part of the link then do the following.

Drag/drop link component where you want it, double click the text in the Live View pane and type in what you want.

Drag/drop the icon component on or near the link component. In the Overview pane on the left bottom side of the app, find the icon block and drag is so it comes before the link block.

I hope that helps you achieve what you were looking to do.