Help needed urgently

Hi everyone.

I am about three days old using bootstrap audio and has been blown away by the fact that i can replicate apple and tesla websites within hours, However i am trying to replicate this website and got stuck with the bar menu on the landing page, thanks for your help

enter image description here

Need a link to the website you're trying to replicate. Image is ok (although it didn't post right), but link would be a whole lot more helpful.

Image is a broken link. Please provide a link to the site itself.

Apologies for that. I added the link but somehow it was truncated here The link is

Thank so much for all the help. I am also struggling with exporting the sites done to my private hosting account. bootstrap studio only allows the format which is of no use

Is there any video that can provide guidance here as i am struggling to showcase the works done

You export by setting an export location path in the Settings of each of your projeccts. Then you hit the "Export" button clearly marked at the top of the app. You cannot upload anything from the App itself, you will have to export and then upload with an FTP app. Highly suggested that you don't export "to" your production directory, and that you keep a backup of the previous export. Good practice for any possible issues be it with the app or the user. :P

To answer your question about replicating that website's navigation menu (the bar menu aka "hamburger" menu) is basically just a sidebar menu with a large div with a background image, and it uses an ordinary onClick function and CSS transition to "expand" the background into view.

If you look in the online components of BSS, you'll find quite a few custom sidebar menus posted. You could probably find one and modify it to look and work like the one on this site, but you may need to write a bit of custom CSS.

If you understand how to code, you could pretty easily just copy the necessary stuff right off this website using your browser's inspection feature, and then duplicate it in Bootstrap Studio. But I doubt you're not going to find anyone here in this forum willing to write step-by-step instructions on how to build this exact menu. This is the sort of stuff most people (or at least I) get paid to do for a living.

Thank you @Printninja. I have replicated most of the website as a personal project. Not expecting anyone to do what you inferred. Its a learning process for me and I thought I could get some advice and pointers here.

I am using bootstrap 4 to build it as i seem to struggle with getting the html from bootstrap studio.

we will see ho it pans out

There's a lot of people who would point out how much they dislike such forms of navigation, especially if used on a whole page, as it's heavily dependent on a number of things, but particularly on site visitors' possessing a high degree of experience with hamburger-style menus, and it's always best to not make assumptions, or be too dependent on a single form of navigation.

I realise the site you're trying to "replicate" isn't yours but .... it's not my cup of tea Just my 2c on its current appearance.

Thank you@Tesch Toy, you will be amazed at how many like the feel of the website where i live in london The website is targetted at women entrepreneurs who want to impress.

Yeah, while i agree with you, its something i would like to be able to do and have in my arsenal

Thanks for you 2c

enter image description hereI agree with you -- it's something useful as a learning exercise -- be great if you could take it further -- to correct some of the problems it has -- While I particularly like the "full-page / full-face" images, selecting some of the items in the menu quickly loses, at least on my desktop screen, some of the faces of the smiling woman and child get chopped off chopped-off faces

so, a learning exercise, some place to use as a springboard to something better, hopefully

you're right -- don't know what I'm doing wrong but can't get the images to work successfully, try it more yourself

maybe this enter link description here