Help Please HTML Wrapping Issue

Software is up to date. The view page source code is fine in preview mode, but in live mode it is not wrapping properly. It is one line straight across the top. If I click the line wrap box top left it just jams everything together down the page. I did a new page and copied over the navbar with no luck.


hiya Badboy,

If you have a link to the live page that would help. What you pasted isn’t code so there’s no way for us to know anything from that.


Hmm I don’t see any issues here, can you show us a screenshot of what you see? It all seems to wrap fairly normal to me as I resize the page.

It’s the source code of the page. This is the first site I’ve built where the code is not nicely lined up and wrapping from line to line. Unless I have a browser issue. I think I seen the same thing in Microsoft Edge.


It’s because you use minify HTML in the export settings

Can I just shut that off, don’t export with that?

Thank you!

yes you can turn that off. Never works for me either so I turned it off too.