Help, please with downloaded 'Contact Form v2 (Modal & Full) with Google Map'

I've downloaded and installed 'Contact Form v2 (Modal & Full) with Google Map' and am using it in a site I'm building but without the map .

This is a new area for me and I cannot work out where I can change it to actually send an email despite having uploaded it into my web space.

Pointers on where to look and what to do would be very welcome!

This is difficult to answer because it takes more knowledge than I can provide.

FORMs are a different beast, they often are used to communicate with a server that handles submitted information. That server has a URL that the FORM submits too. That's what you need to change in the HTML of the ACTION attribute. You must already know what you are doing or research and work with a site or server that will handle the FORMs submission.

I have not messed with BSS's Smart Form function to see about getting my component to work with it. I don't have a lot of time these days to do things like that.