Help with page load speed

My client has come back to me and asked if I can do anything to improve the page load speed, and looking on Google PageSpeed Insights, the report IS looking really slow. I have compressed all of the images (even after the auto compress in BSS) but this has made no difference.

It looks like the Facebook plugins the client asked me to install are the main culprit, but there are some other issues listed in the report:

Does anyone have any experience of this or know how to improve any of the issues outlined in the report?

TY :)

These forums are for helping with the app and it's functions. You'll need to search other places for help with SEO unless of course you're looking to hire someone to do it. In that case I'm sure there are some here that would be willing to take on that job. Please don't come here asking questions about web design/development and SEO as it has nothing to do with the app.

optimize your website speed

Well, I'll throw you two simple bones...

  1. That M PLUS Rounded 1 Google font is a monster. Just look at this...,300,400,500,700,800,900 It's got 8 weights and a whole set of kanji glyphs for Asian websites. Are you actually using all those weights and delivering your pages in Asian language? If not, I'd go with a different font that is similar, but without all the bloat.

  2. Mostly you're getting hammered with that Facebook chat plug-in or whatever it is. Either replace it with something lighter, or load it after the rest of the page loads.

On my home 200 mbps ISP, your site loads instantly, but I can't speak for how it might load in a rural area, with slower speeds, or on a 3G mobile network (which is what Google Page Speed Insights emulates.) If you know your website is being used by people on 4G mobile connections, or with fast ISP's, I wouldn't get too worried about the results of Google's speed tests (although in theory it could hurt your SERP rank a bit, but your page has lots of other SEO errors anyway, so I presume that's not a big issue to you.) Your desktop speed is respectable, so it's really just the mobile you have to address. But again, keep in mind that Google Page Speed is emulating 3G speeds, which not many people are stuck using these days.

Thank you, kuligaposten and Printninja in particular, your reply was as helpful and insightful as always and I really appreciate the replies you have given me on this forum. Not so much Jo, your reply unhelpful and uninsightful, knowledge is power right!

Look, I built the site in Bootstrap Studio so my first port of call was to ask in this forum if there is anything else I could have done to improve page load speeds. So maybe my question wasn't directly related, but I'm a member of other forums which are friendly and open environments where members help others and share information which might be off-topic, and those with less experience don't feel intimidated to ask simple questions. I must have forgotten where I was.

A good community forum helps to improve the user base which ultimately benefits the app. I have seen a few replies on here which are rude, alienate beginners and do a disservice to Bootstrap Studio, and It's normally from the same few people. If you feel my question is off-topic, then ignore me or just say the post is not relevant.

There are definitely some really helpful and super friendly people on this forum, so thanks again to those who helped.

It's not that it's off topic Oblique, it's that it's not covered on the forums here. It's actually lucky that you got 2 others to even consider giving you any bones as they also have the same opinion and response I have in most cases so it's not about me and my answer, it's about the reality of this set of forums. The users here aren't here to help with building or bettering other people's websites, only for helping people use the App to do so. Getting stuck on how to possibly do something within Bootstrap Studio would be more of what we would normally help with.

I'm not trying to be rude or anything else other than straight forward about what these forums are here for. They don't give us a forum for helping people with their websites ... I'm sure that's for a reason lol, we wouldn't get anything else done in here for spending all our time helping people do/fix something on their websites. Nothing against you personally or anyone else, just the facts is all it is.

P.S. Also, as Printninja has done, many will help by looking at someone's website and giving feedback on issues or problems should you come across something that is stumping you, but giving out full fledged help on how to do this that or the other thing is not something this forum is here for. As you have seen many times already, I'm sure, most of us do web design/development for a living so it's very counterproductive for us to just hand code over to people for free in here.

Instead of your facebook chat take a look at Chatra.

I posted a website with Chatra and some pictures. I tested the page load speed with GTmetrix and got 100%

here is a link to the page

To add to what @Jo said, basically I agree. We get a weekly stream of new users who don't read the tutorials, the FAQ, or watch the videos, but come straight here and start asking us to basically teach them how to use the program. It becomes exasperating at times, and especially for the 5-6 of us who do the lions share of answering questions in the Help and How To section. It really is supposed to be a Section for helping people with using Bootstrap Studio, figuring out things that are absent from the "less-than-comprehensive" tutorials, or getting past Bootstrap-related sticking points.

General help with web design, SEO, coding (other than CSS and maybe some Javascript) are all kind of outside the realm of basic BSS support. So, while a handful of us can explain how to do a lot of things that Bootstrap Studio doesn't do, that doesn't mean we have the time or energy, or even the inclination, because (to put it bluntly,) that's how we make our own livings.

I get stuck all the time trying to figure out how to do things my client's request that aren't native to Bootstrap Studio - for example, something pretty common and simple like adding a password-protected page. You'd think this would be a common element in any website builder, but it's not, because (for anything truly secure) it will involve back-end, server, PHP type stuff. And BSS doesn't do back end.

So when I needed to figure out how to do this, I didn't come here to the BSS forums because I knew perfectly well asking such a question would be outside the realm of the sort of "Help and How To" I could expect here. I went to Google, to Stack-Overflow, or some other website and learned the necessary skills. It probably took me a couple of hours. Now if tomorrow someone comes here and posts a question like, "how do I add a password-protected page in Bootstrap Studio?" I'm not going to explain what took me two hours to learn, I'm going to tell them that the program doesn't support this, and they have to look for a solution online. Why? Not to be rude, but because I make my living building websites that have password protected areas, and dozens of other things that cost me time (=money) to learn how to do. I literally can't afford to give away my knowledge.

But I will throw a few bones to people now and then, if they're simple, quick, obvious things that I am super familiar with. I have spend hundreds of hours learning SEO and how to improve page load speeds. So those were just two very obvious things I spotted right away. But if you want a bit of advice, if you plan of doing website development for a living, and using Bootstrap Studio as your workhorse, be prepared to do a lot of Google searching, Stack-Overflow searching, and the like, because that's just the tip of the iceberg. Website development is VAST, and always evolving and changing, and it's practically a full-time job just keeping one's own skills up to speed and relevant.

Thanks kuligaposten, I'll definitely look into Chatra.

@Jo, @Printninja. I didn't really think I was breaking the forum rules by asking about optimisation/SEO. I don't want to get myself booted out for upsetting the moderators. I normally search through past posts to see if the topic had been covered before. Anyway, I know for future reference to ask these kinds of questions elsewhere.

No worries Oblique, we aren't moderators, just users like you. You won't get kicked out for asking for help, just told as you already were that the forums here aren't for that type of help. Hopefully in the future (not holding my breath on it though) they will get a better forum system in here with more forums to address specifics for help like you're asking for. There are lots of places you can get assistance though on how to's for website building, but it's just not in the scope of these forums is all. And as mentioned already, that's part of SEO of websites and many people pay hundreds of dollars to get that done for their websites, so would be counter-productive for most of us to throw all that information in here.

If you Google SEO I'm sure you'll find dozens of sites that have information on it including Google who monopolizes that system these days.