High memory usage, and sluggish performance - Is it normal?

Hi BSS (and @Martin),

Sometimes (daily) my BSS becomes sluggish slow - Changing contents within tables in a modal can take 5-10-15 seconds (with preview off - more with preview on)

And it gobbles up 4GB of memory: enter image description here

My .bsdesign file is 1.5MB

Saving (ctrl+s) also takes 5-10 seconds.

I then close program, and memory goes down: enter image description here

And I load my project again, and 500MB is consumed: enter image description here

If I just let it stay there - Without any changes, memory is stable - But as soon as I begin editing, memory usage slowly rises.

I started at 575MB, after Showing a modal, changing a button to float-right, and adding an icon to the button, memory usage changed to 726MB.

Within my modal, I added Tabs, and changed text on tabs, removed the third tab, and moved a <row> into the tab pane, memory changed to 922MB.

The page I'm working on is 788kb large when exporting and 9132 lines long.

Regards, Michael

Try a clean uninstall and reinstall it. Definitely not normal.

Thank you for reporting this! It is most certainly not normal. If possible, can you send us the design you are having these issues with (or a similar page that behaves in the same manner)?

@Martin - Where can I send it?

@Jo Thank you for your suggestion - I've just tried on my home machine to edit my design to remove things not relevant for Martin when I send the file. And the memory usage started at 500MB and is currently at 1097MB after approx. 30 minutes of usage.

Ya must be something in your design/project, I just fired up the app and watched my Activity monitor (on Mac here) and it never went over 100mb and most of the time it's under 10mb. Only goes up a little when i'm opening and closing things in it and it's been around 80mb or so when it does that then it goes right back down pretty fast.