Highlight and move text (Mac Version)

Me again haha,

Would love the ability to move (drag and drop) highlighted code or text in Custom Code windows like we do with pretty much any other text editor and code editor. Right now with having to always copy, then paste, then go back and delete what we copied is extra steps to move things around. Menus are a real pain this way if you want to rearrange the links in them.

Thanks for the suggestion! In my experience cutting (instead of copying) and pasting code is superior than moving it with the mouse. But if there is interest in supporting dragging and dropping code we can look into it.

Thanks, hopefully there will be others that are used to this type of editing besides me. The cut works fine though to be honest, so if not that's fine, but I'd still love to see it added as it would be what I'm used to with every html editor I've used so far.