Highlight Color & Delete safeguarding (they are kind of related in this post)

Just wondering if it's possible to get the items you are mousing over to highlight with a different color than the brighter white. It's not always distinguishable from the main white color, especially when you're deleting items or moving them. Would just like it to be a bit more obvious if possible.

Am also wondering if at some time we could actually click to highlight something (not always load it, just to show it's selected with the mouse) so we can be more doubly sure when deleting items. Or maybe add a delete popup that shows the name of the item we're trying to delete so we can be doubly sure we're deleting the correct one. Although I am aware that you can usually put it back in using Redo, I've experienced times when Redo just stops working and although I haven't lost anything so far due to that issue, it's still a possibility that I could.