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Program name: bootstrap studio This is the view in the browser ... When I click Dropdown, the menu expands / collapses normally (it's ok) ... ... **The problem is in the last menu. I want it to be horizontal when I click on `Dropdown 'but it is visible all the time - it cannot be rolled up or expanded: ...






PL: Trochę nie rozumem Twojego problemu i dlaczego chcesz uzyskać taki efekt. Jest to bezsensowne i nieestetyczne w webdesign'ie ENG: I kinda don't unerstand that problem and why are you wanna get this effect/results. It's pointless and unsightly in webdesign. P.S I Błagam, przed używaniem BSS zaznajom się z tym framework'iem, który jest obsługiwany przez tę narzędzie i polecam używać CSS zamiast panelu (lub chociaż class bootstrap'a), który widnieje po prawej stronie. Jest to nie wygodne i nie praktyczne i nie nauczysz się obcować z front-end'em w ten sposób i będziesz miał problem przy większych projektach, a nawet i mniejszych.

I think that you should put the dropdown-item(s) in a div and apply flex to the div. Then you can open and close using the button.


You could even add rows and columns if you wanted a mega-menu.

ah, you're in what I call stuck mode.

you edited the menu items and BSS expanded the dropdown for you... wasn't that nice?

and now nobody told you how to close it.

Find the expanded dropdown in the left column (bottom left panel) and click on the 'Dropdown' entry you'd like to collapse.

On the right (up in the right under one of the tabs near the top [top right panel]) you'll see a slide switch that is turned on labelled 'Expand'.

Turn Expand off and you'll be back to normal.


how to put it between tags? how to do it using bootstrap studio (not "notepad ++, etc"

I need this: Please help me

<div class="dropdown-menu" role="menu"> <div class="d-md-flex" href="#">First ItemSecond ItemThird Item</div> </div>

Delete menu items and then just add new link(s) with class "dropdown-item" to the d-md-flex div.

It works


Thank you