Hover on component ,have semi transparent visual of the element


Love this software,thanks very much,certainly not a big priority but I would enjoy these features as a newbie

  1. Hover on component ,have semi transparent visual of the element,however on dragging that component remains exactly the same,a neat component not a huge jumbotron etc that is dragged around the page !So on hover of a component from the menu,show a pop up of what the element looks like,better obviously for people new to web design

2.An extra panel somewhere in the UI,that shows example of how a given component node is used,if I select a icon,maybe in this panel would be a suggestion <button class="btn btn-default"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-star"></i> Like</button>

If I select something that should have elements nested inside of it like a row,show code for row&columns etc

3.Maybe number 2 can be community edited,share code reminders for components,create your own.