How can I create different css for the page and for the site.

for example - styles.min.css - page.min.css

Why would you want to have serperate files? Is it just to make easier to manage?

If you want to create more css files simple right click on css panel in the design page and click 'new' then just rename the file.

From what I recall on making a new blank project, it starts with a styles.css already. That is set up automatically for your custom css to go in. I've not played with the premade templates much at all so I don't recall if those start with one, but I am pretty sure the blank one does.

Keep in mind that unless you use the minify feature that minifies all files on export, the min files won't be minified until you do it after you export.

I am using django. I design the page as raw. Raw page goes to awe. I translate it as "Django temlates". Will still help change in the project.

This app is for Bootstrap framework (hence the name Bootstrap Studio), not Django framework. You will not be able to use your framework in this app unless you import your site as Custom Code, which would defeat the purpose of using this app at all. You would also most likely have a lot of conflicting classes and ID's due to the 2 different frameworks trying to be used in it.

DJNago I only use html 5 structure. "Bootstrap Studio" Produces Excellent xml structure to me. I process the exported code again. For us the page is integral and visual. Bootstrap Studio produces very efficient and clean code. If we could make a little more self-interest. It will be perfect. For example, if we can extract blocks into separate files. My business will be the captain.

As jo has stated this is an app for building on bootstraps frame work so I would not expect it to support django.

My expectations come from the bootstrap studio. It's the best application I've seen in 30 years. Many congratulations by the writers. I read a little bit of documentation to get the details. Thank you for your answers