How can i find the origin of a linked component

Hi there, how can i find the origin of a linked component? I copied my header as a linked component to all subpages. Now i see that some pages dont sync when i update my main-page. Seems like i have done something wrong with the linking. But how to get the false linked components? I need to know where a linked component is coming from. Is there a way? Best regards, phoeniks

There is no original. The beauty of that system is that you can use any of the linked components on any page to create new ones using the Paste Linked or to edit them. No master needed for this.

When you did the linked component copy, did you do the Paste Linked when you pasted it or did you just hit ctrl+v? When you create the links, you'll see a little blue link icon next to the component in the Overview pane to show you it's part of a linked component. If you don't see that, then it didn't link correctly.

I did the Paste Linked from the context menu. On both pages have my Header Element with the blue link icon next to it. The Labels are named #header on both pages - so i cant see a difference. But if i change one page - the other does not change. Maybe i have linked them from different origin-pages? If this is my fault then it should not be allowed to use linked components on equal named components. It would be useful too if i could list what elements/pages are linked to each other.

Well hmm, if you have maybe more than one that you were linking from, that might cause that ... but ... try this:

  1. If you have one that is pretty much how you want it, Rename the Label so you know which is which, call it say Header 2 or something in the label temporarily.
  2. Click it in the Overview tree, be sure to click the entire Component section if that's what you're after.
  3. Now go to the other pages and do the Paste Linked again just above or below the one that is there now.
  4. Just do this one one or 2 pages to test it.

Now go to any of the pages you just pasted that new Component on and change something easily testable. Check the other pages with that new Component on it and see if it is updating. If so, then rinse and repeat the above steps 1-3 to finish the rest of the pages and Delete the old Components as you do this.

I am not sure why it didn't work for you, but seems to me that maybe you were copying one that wasn't linked yet and have multiple links going on? No idea, but that seems to be about the only thing I could think of that could have happened.

I've not had any issues like this so far, but once you paste a linked item, you "should" be able to copy and paste linked from any of them to get the same results because there is no "master" setup, they are all the same item basically.