How did I translate reflow

I have asked several times for a way to translate the store texts, but to no avail.
Today using BSS and Visual Studio Code I got the result I expected locally, but to work online would need two modifications.

1 Save the file along with the project;

2 Replace the to

In addition to these modifications to the code generated by the BSS, it would also be necessary to have the file “toolkit.min.js” in the project and translate the fields directly into it using Visual Studio Code.

I hope this can help some friends and any help to improve the process is welcome!

I translated all of it already like over month ago xD. Martin said thst translation is coming, so its all g

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I’ve been busy so I can’t see the forum, thanks for the info.

Yep, as @dickykreedz told you, he and I did it (differently each, but because we are not clones LOL). You can find my method there.

Here, your way, changing the hardcoded text in source has two disadvantages: one, you’ll have to patch the source code at each new release, and, two, it assumes you manage one language only. And, maybe a third, but it depends on the BSS Team policy: in some pieces of code, when you change the source code, you break the license (and its associated support by the way)…

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Maybe I will release a tool if I will have time for the reflow translation etc, but I don’t think so. I’m busy nowdays with my own projects, I’m currently working on my mobile app project + personal website, so I think BSS devs will implement all those features before I will have time lmao, but ye lmao we’re not clones hah



[useless post, I agree]

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