How do I change the image in Lightbox Gallery?

I added a Lightbox Gallery and it has the usual 6 images in it. I double click the image(s) and change them to my own images and so far, so good. But in the preview when I click on my image it expands to the original image that is a default "desk" for instance. I can see where to change it in the HTML section, but don't know the procedure. I am sure it is something simple but I haven't been able to figure it out. Thanks, HM

EDIT: Well it happens every time. I always get smarter right after I post a question. I figured it out. :) [Options: Link]

haha been there done that hobbyman! glad you got it worked out, enjoy!

Hi Jo, But of course I have a new question. :) The default lightbox has 4 columns and 2 rows. How do I go about making the lightbox layout with more thumbnails and smaller. For instance, if I have a bunch of images, how do I make a 10 x 10 grid with the lightbox?? I see the locked bootstrap file and assume I need to make a copy of it and change it. But I still need a little help. Thanks, HM

Well, what do you know. I got smarter again and figured it out somewhat. It is not intuitive at first but starts to make sense. Copying and pasting the columns into the row on the left side of the screen in the overview section, I managed to get 6 images per row before it starts to look too small. In Joomla I could have a much larger grid so I need to better understand this grid in Bootstrap. I guess its 12 columns max and with some css I could probably make it work. Back to the lab... :)

Keep on truckin' there, you're doing great!