How Do I Copy Content Between Pages ?

To copy content from one page to another I've tried selecting it on the BSS panel but when I right click (in the hope of finding a 'Copy' option) it just unselects itself. I also tried copying the entire HTML element but when I right-click on the new page there is no option to paste it.

This facility is essential for copying content that is common between pages.


I mean copy content between 2 pages in 2 different projects.

Anyone know how to edit a BSS post ?

First you need to open both projects in BSS that you want to copy from and to.

Then find the area you want to copy and in the Overview panel select the beginning part of that item so it selects the full part you want to copy.

Right click, choose Copy.

Now switch to the project you want to paste it to, go to the page you want it on, find the area in the Overview window that you want it inserted to and right click and choose Paste Inside and it will put it directly into the section you selected.

You can also do Paste as Linked when copying things from one page to another within the same project. That will allow you to link a section so that all updates to one will update all the ones that are linked for it.

But I have no option to paste . . .

Select Parent Edit Copy Label Copy To > Add To Library Convert To HTML Duplicate Delete

Those are all the right-click options my BSS has when I am on an Overview element.

BSS VERSION 2.6.1 Standard Edition

Well looks to me like you didn't "copy" it then. Be sure you copy it first, the same way you're trying to paste it. Once you do that you should see the paste options.

Sorted at last.

I had been trying to paste a paragraph onto an empty paragraph in the new project. But when I right-clicked on the containing div instead the Paste Inside option was shown.

Thanks for your assistance, Jo.

Glad you got it worked out. Yeah would be nice if we had some Paste Before or Paste After choices for when we want to paste something in reference to what is highlighted in the Overview tree. Maybe put that in the Ideas forum? Couldn't hurt to ask :)