How do I create this line of code

In the component panel which component should I use to create this line of code:

input class="btn btn-secondary btn-block" value="Login" type="submit"/>

I can't find a "submit" input type in the component panel.


You should use button component and then configure submit type, btn-block and btn-secondary properties on Options Pannel.

I did that but it does not change the control type to 'input' nor remove btn-primary from the class list.

I was seeking the exact syntax in the example.

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You could also just use a text input and then type a new type="submit" in another attribute box and it will overwrite the one above it. Then add your classes and value attribute.

That worked perfectly -- except my control is in a form so it is automatically given the undeletable class "form-control". However, that appears to be benign.

Good idea nonetheless.


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If you change your button style you can set btn-secondary instead of btn-primary.

I record a video:

Thank you! That was very clear.