How do I download previously published sites?


Due to a computer malfunction, my computer erased the projects. Though, I published it to earlier. Is there a way to download it again? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Jonas

Have you enabled the backup feature in BSS, and checked your backups folder? If not, or if that folder has also been lost, than your .bsdesign files are gone. Sorry! When you upload a website, you are only uploading the finished HTML, CSS, JS and images, not the .bsdesign file.

If your computer only deleted the files, but didn't destroy them (due to a drive malfunction or reinstall of the OS) you might try an undelete program to see if any of them are recoverable. If your hard drive failed, you could try sending it to drivesavers to see if they can recover any of the data.

If your site still exists online, you can always download the files/website with a program like sitesucker (Mac) or WinHTtrack (PC) and edit them in another program. Otherwise, you'll have to rebuild your site from scratch if you want to be able to continue working on it in BSS.

reload from backup.

I find it quite incredible that BBS (a tool for pros!) project files just get lost and there some developers don't even backup their work. Especially nowadays that cloud storage and internet connections are ubiquitous.

I personally think that backing up is a responsibility of the person needing the backups. it's all great when an app provides the ability to do so or does it for you etc., but when you know it doesn't ... then you need to take action and get it done yourself.

One of the things I love about working with Macs ... it's all done for you as long as you tell it what is important to you to back up.

There are a lot of apps out there that will do backups, some free, some not, but there's no exception to this rule really, backups are extremely important when it comes to this app because it is only 1 file that messes you up 100%. Backup your files! :)

I have a bulletproof backup technique for my system. 99% of the work I do is saved on my desktop while I'm working on it (which is on my C: drive.) Every morning at 5:00 am, all new files on my desktop are copied to a duplicate desktop folder on a second internal hard drive (D: drive.)

Additionally, my Bootstrap Studio backup folder is located on a external USB drive (E: drive) that is always connected to my computer, but turned off when I'm not working in BSS.

Lastly, all my finished websites are saved on a third internal drive F: drive, and both my C: drive and F: drive are ghosted once a week to a very large NAS drive which is only turned on for the ghosting process, thus ensuring it can never be "Crypto-ransomed."

And in case of emergencies, a good deal of my work is also duplicated in my Dropbox account.

40 years of using computers has taught me many hard and expensive lessons.

40 years of using computers has taught me many hard and expensive lessons.


Sorry to hear you've lost your saved files!

You can contact us through our support form and request your website as a zip. However it's only the published pages, we don't store .bsdesign files on our server. As mentioned by @jo and @marrco, the app has automatic backups, but these are stored in your user folder on your computer. If you don't have separate backups to an external hard drive/cloud service, your data will be lost if your computer's hard drive is wiped.

There are limits to what the application can do. If we were to offer cloud backups of your bsdesign files this would have to come with a monthly fee, and this goes against our "buy once use forever" philosophy.

Another option, if you don't have the ability to add an external drive, is copy your files periodically (I would say at least every few days or weekly) to a cloud drive yourself. I did that for a while, and actually do that now through my backup program. I have 2 external drives that I use for various things, as well as the cloud backup. Just an idea so you don't have that happen again.