How do I get Boostrap Studio to play nice with Freemarker

Here is a reference question:

Is there any way to easily integrate Freemarker -- which requires changes to the fundamental HTML that Boostrap Studio outputs -- without having to manually redo all of the Freemarker changes every time I export the project?

It seems something similar to what I have to do, I use Server Side Includes

I have to create my page then export it and then manually edit in the SSI coding we use.

Primarily: Including the results of a CGI program / Including a standard footer / Setting variables / Conditional expressions

There is a lot that I have to manually swap out etc..

But the BSS app does help me setup the site first hand so I can see and config CSS etc... before hand.


Maybe Martin will correct me if I'm wrong here, but this sounds way beyond what this app is for from what I read on the Freemarker info. Bootstrap Studio is not about working with external themes and templates, it's about "creating" themes and templates of your own. You can import the CSS of a template to get some parts of a template in place, but overall you'll need to do the work yourself in BSS rather than expecting some external Java to do it for you. BSS isn't about WYSIWYG it's about Drag and Drop making things easier to code using Bootstrap frameworks, easier on the person that already knows how to code a website. You will still have to work with the code no matter how you do it. I doubt very much that anything like Freemarker will be set up in BSS itself.

Saj you beat me to it again! lol

I used to use SSI coding before BSS to be honest, but BSS makes it so easy to use the Linking system that it's just not necessary for me anymore. Not sure what you use it for, but for me it's much faster to have BSS make the changes and reupload the pages than it is to have to do all the editing outside the app. Not being a programmer, I don't know what else SSI is used for other than setting up includes so that you can edit them all in one place and they update all pages that include them. Are there other things they are used for on a website that they would "have" to be edited outside the app?

@Saj That would be very painful and make the site incredibly inflexible.

@Jo I am using Boostrap Studio to output the HTML structure, then I was planning on editing the raw HTML to implement all of the Freemarker tags. But then the page is very inflexible (except for the specific editables that Freemarker enables). The problem is that I have to change the HTML to input all of the Freemarker stuff every time I output a new page style.

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@jo, the sites are database driven, we have a control panel for our clients that allow them to make changes to defined areas of content. As well as importing external database content where the bulk of SSI is used.

As @jo stated, the BSS app is about quick prototyping and drag/drop site building. To do more then that, you have to do more then that outside the app.

You could use the Custom Code component to put in your Freemarker code, you just won't get it to render in the app. I did that on a couple pages towards the end of my project development.


I have not used the custom code component yet. I'll have to look up the docs on it.

@saj The custom code blocks worked, thanks.