how do I use bstudio-sass?

Hi, I'm trying to understand how sass in respect to BSS works, I've attached the output of running bstudio-sass

bstudio-sass is Bootstrap Studio's sidekick for compiling SASS files.
To link this utility to Bootstrap Studio, please use the following path:

I have copied that path into BSS and exported a design, I was expecting some sass but...??

how am I supposed to use it please?

@jo any help?

Wish I could be helpful here, but unfortunately I have set it up and don't really know enough about SASS to use it yet myself so I don't know how it works either. Hopefully someone with good knowledge on it will point us in the right direction. :)

You need to make the SASS files within BSS, and when exporting - It will be compiled as CSS.

Regards, Michael

  1. Locate "Styles" link on the right menu and do a right click on it
  2. you can then create a .scss (right click on it to rename it)
  3. do a normal click on your .scss to activate it (so that it shows) on the style panel and start working on it (.scss files are great for angular ---you can export your .scss ---or any other--- but just doing a right click on it) I hope this helps...