How do you delete all the placeholder text from a Bootstrap text element?

I can't work out how to remove this blank space that's left when you delete all the text from a bootstrap text element:

<span> </span>

I want to add content using a :before pseudo element to this span and this blank space is messing up the layout. I simply need it to be this instead:


Has anyone else run into this issue?

My first post above didn't seem to post the code example so here it is as an image instead.

The editor doesn't seem to let me delete this space

Thank you to bringing this to our attention! This is a limitation to how we do text editing in Bootstrap Studio. That part of the app is in need of a rewrite, and I am looking forward to work on this in the next few weeks.

Right now a quick fix is to convert the element to HTML from the right click menu.

Great, thanks for letting us know. Converting it to HTML works perfectly.