how do you link pages to the heading buttons?

years ago i made a very easy site for a small business i had, and i linked the buttons to the other pages. i right clicked and just input the name i think. i just can't figure out how to do it here! if my site isnt live yet, how do i connect the URL? this is probably a dumb question, but i cant find the answer anywhere! hoping to take my site live tomorrow, so i need to connect the pages,

oh and also the drop down please! best wishes and thanks, Joanne

If you drag a buttOn into your design, select the button you can then change the button to have a link value by changing the drop down in the right hand design panel.

If you change from submit to link then a href box will appear

ah, so i need to put my site live and then go back and connect via the https value for each page?? is that right?

cheers, Jo

Sorry jo I thought you were asking how to do it in bootstrap studio.

If you are looking at editing and old HTML site then you will need to edit each page and make your buttons links by applying by href values for the urls of your pages.

hi, no i am asking about bootstrap studio! i have made a new site. well i hope i have, about to give it a wirl! cheers, jo