How many pages can bootstrapstudio handle


Is there a limit for how many pages bootstrap studio can handle?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer this basic question


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Good question. I believe there are people here who’ve stated they have “hundreds” of pages in their BSS project. Not sure what the limit is (if any.) This is a question for the devs. @martin @gabby

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Thanks for weighing in :slight_smile:

I have not found a stated limit anywhere on the site yet. But hundreds would certainly suffice for my needs. I have been using for a couple of days to replace a WordPress site. So far so good. I coded a couple of bootstrap sites in the past and while an enjoyable process, bootstrapstudio helps a lot. Much to learn, but there appears to be many resources including this forum. Thanks again for the quick response!!

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Hello, I use this question to answer another one close to this idea.

How is possible to add lot of pages in directories without build all of these inside BSS source ?
I dont’ know if my question is understable in this way. I also want stop wordpress and I really like the way of Bootstrap Studio.

Thanks for any help.
Take care of you.

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If you want the pages to be visible/editable inside of BSS, then you must create them inside BSS. You can very easily create a page and then quickly duplicate it by selecting it and hitting CTRL-D. Of course, you will have to rename the pages one-by-one.