How to add codepen code into project

Hello All, I found a code on codepin that I would like to use on my site. However, I am not sure how to go about incorporating into BS so it can render the same as I am seeing on code pen. I know that I need to enter in into my CSS file.. But how do I accomplish this. (I am probably overthinking this) can you please provide the steps. Here is the codepin.

Regards, C3

Add (copy and paste) the compiled CSS to your CSS, HTML to a custom code element and js to your js.

But as you've been told many times, you'd better learn html/css/bootstrap and js website building first.

You will also need to link to GSAP plugin TweenMax.min.js and make sure it comes before the additional js that you are inserting per the above instructions.

thanks for response!