How to add fonts?

How do you add fonts to Bootstrap Studio, right now it only has Google Fonts.

You can’t - only google fonts is supported right now.

If you want to integrate your own fonts then you need to wait for a release that will allow it - or do some tweaking post export

This is a thread that’s been going for a while now on this very subject -

I haven't tried this so don't shoot me lol, it's just a question and speculation too.

Could you not add the font styles you want to use into your HEAD code, upload those fonts to your online directory, and in the HEAD code reference them with absolute URL's? Granted, this probably won't give you the ability to see them in the previews at all, but once you have verified that they work when the page is uploaded, you could probably just build your site around that. Would that not work for those that want to use other fonts? Not a perfect solution, but maybe possible?

Doing that way is just the same amount of effort as tweaking post export though Jo.

For now google have more than enough fonts but being able to import into BSS and having font face work in the css pane would be awesome

I agree that Google has plenty of fonts available, and I truly haven't needed to deal with any others so far, but ...

It's definitely not as much effort as tweaking post export, because this would be one setup and done. You wouldn't have to change anything at all after export as it would already be set up to go. That means, no forgetting to tweak after and the only issue would be being able to view the font in the preview (and you may actually be able to if you are using an Absolute URL, haven't tried it though as I said.

What I suggest means nothing needs to change after you export, to me that's worth it "IF" someone really has to have a specfic font for some odd reason. :)