How to add into a ... section?

Hello+ I would like the last sentence in my copyright footer section class="words" to always have a hard break at a specific point in the sentence. Normally I would simply add <br> to the spot I want it to "return" at and be done... Since I'm new to Bootstrap Studio, I cannot find how to add said <br> in that specific spot...Please advise. Thanks, +ES

The app doesn't have a Line Break element so we, the community, have made custom components to work around it.

You can find my Simple Line BReak custom component in the ONLINE tab in the Components pane at the top right of the app. Just click the tab ONLINE and type in "simple" to find it. Just hover over the found component and click INSTALL on the popout window. Then click the STUDIO tab and drag and drop to your project where you want the line break at.


Wonderful! Thank you very much! +ES