How to add unordered inside an accordion?

Hi, is is possible to add an unordered list inside an accordion? BSS won’t let me add a list to the inside of the item content. I’ve also tried to add HTML tags after export, which does work, but then all content placed after the list disappears.

Here’s the page: Careers at Wiseman Finance


Please make your post in the appropriate category (in this case it would be “Web Design Help”. You can copy your post here then delete it and post it there which is pretty painless. Good luck and hopefully you will get better assistance in the right location. :slight_smile:


If you drag a list component and drop it on Accordion=>Item=>Item Content then BSS will accept the list. If you first add a div you can drop whatever you want and BSS will accept it
here is an example

Great, thank you @kuligaposten. It seems BSS will only accept it if dropped onto the sidebar/overview, not the main page :slight_smile: