How to add

I tried searching but could not find out how to change < html > to < html lang="en-US" > on each web page.

Also, is it necessary to do so?


I don't believe you need to do this as out of the box I think BSS is set up to be 'en' by default.

However I think you may be able to add something in the global header section to overwrite the language settings but I have never had to do this my self so may not work.

To access the global setting is the icon in the top tool bar

Edit: you may also want to try adding the attribute yourself by selecting HTML and addinglanuage setting in the custom attribute panel but think you have to do this on every page unless you were to start from a scratch and duplicate each page you design.

Hope this helps

The global setting does not work, since it puts the lang=”en-US” in the heading instead of the html part.

However, the 2nd option you gave works. In the html section, I created lang under the attributes and entered en-US in the next box. It works, but like you said, it has to be done for each page. A little tedious at this stage of the website, but for every new page, I copy the page from pages I already have.

Thanks again Chris. I appreciate your help.

Cool glad it worked ? Maybe a suggestion to raise in the new ideas sectio. Unless it's already there which it might be lol