how to change default preview browser

any way to do this?

Believe it's based on your computer default but could be wrong

i want to have it different than my computer default (which is safari but not for web). It's ok, i just copy pasted the ip address to chrome.


I agree, it would be useful to be able to select which browser to view in, or even have a browsers in the drop down list at the top alongside all the other devices.

Im sure the guys at BS would be able to make the UX amazing however they managed to integrate the functionality..

Two and a half years later, nothing seems to have happened. Or am I missing something?

I really, really miss the option to open the preview in any browser.

I realize it adds an extra step, but you can just bookmark the preview URL in each of your browsers. Then when you hit preview, open the browser of your choice and click the bookmark.