How to change the items menu ?

Hello to everybody !

How can I change the items in the menu when it becomes smaller in the smartphone version ?

I don't know what to do, because I don't see all the items aligned.

I thought there was a button in the toolbar but I guess not.

Anyways, in the Overview pane (bottom/left) select the Navbar Collapse element. Then click to expand the HTML pane (bottom/middle/left), then click the Attributes pane below that and then type in the class show.

Just remember to remove that class when your done.


Now I have uploaded the project on a free server. Just click here.

If you see in the desktop menu, the item "Contatti" is not like the others. If you see it as smartphone version, I don't see all items aligned, even if I put a "text-align:center" for every item.

How can I fix those ?

all look fine and centered to me, clear your cache, it's most likely your not seeing it correctly. Everything is the same to me on the desktop with the items and the active one having diff colors, the rest are all the same as they should be. All the text on the small hamburger menu is centered and seems to work fine. I'm on Chrome Mac version.

I can’t put pictures here, but from my phone, I see “Contatti” a bit more on right than other items. Can you see it ?

You have inline styles on your Links. You need to move those properties to your custom CSS file and use media queries to only apply the margin-right and padding-right on screen sizes greater than 576px.

.navbar-nav .nav-link {
@media (min-width:576px) {
    .navbar-nav .nav-item:not(:last-child) .nav-link {

That should make it very close to what you have. Since you have duplicating padding and padding- properties, I made them each be similar but only applied the margin-right to the first 2 links.


Thank you very much

Your welcome, glad I could help :)