How to change the name of the colums?

How to change the name of the column? (Change Column to other text) (Delete Social icons)

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what panel for this. where?

Column Services Column About Column My text here Column Social icons (delete it or change)

Try clicking on the component part in the overview tree and see if that helps you target the correct part to edit it. Typically most text items are double click to enter text edit mode. Also if this site was done before the recents updates that fixed the “stretch” bug, check the Look & Feel or Options pain (can’t recall where it is at the moment), and see if that highlighted area accidentally got set to stretched.

Another thing that will many times screw up edit ability is view portal size setting. If your trying to edit a smaller view port setup and you find areas you cannot seem to target, just change back to the larger view port and target your item and double click if needed then change back to the smaller viewport size.

These names are referred to "Labels" in the app. Just right click the Column in the Overview panel, and choose "Label.." in the menu.

Thank you Martin

Wow I totally misinterpreted what you wanted, sorry.