How to collapse hamburger on tap

hello. i have this bootstrap default Navbar on my site and it all work fine, but on mobile, on the hamburger menu, it won’t collapse after tap. how do i make it collapsable?

my site:

Try clearing your browser cache, I think that might be your issue. I just tried it on my iPhone with Firefox, Chrome and Safari and it worked on all 3 for me. Hopefully that’s all it is on your end. :slight_smile:

You need some js to close it as it is linking to an anchor.

If you open the greyscale template you can find the correct js in there.

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just what i needed. you’re a live savior.
thank you

needed a js appearently. now i’m done :slight_smile:

The browser translation for the title of this post was hilarious.
This is one of my concerns when I use the translator to publish the posts here.
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How to disassemble hamburger on faucet


How to disassemble hamburger on faucet

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LMAO gotta love the translators hehe