How to connect ecommerce store to data source?

Only option that appears to be available is using another service called reflow. Is this the only option, need to connect this to a MySql database.

Yes, reflow is the only option, it is the free service provided by the makers of bss

Unfortunately using their CDN is not an option.

It’s a brand new feature so who knows what we’ll see in the future. Don’t be too upset at it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, really do like BSS.

Highly doubt they will add other options for the data source connection.

I have no problem paying more for BSS if the eCommerce functionality is included and does not lock me into using some one else’s CDN. Almost forgot, needs to connect to MySql.

This is a problem that is very difficult to surpass. I’m studding how to use Export Scripting for this. The great problem is that there are several points where code must be inserted.

They are not the only ones steering traffic to CDN, they just happen to be the ones with the coolest development environment.

I agree with you. I love the BSS. So I’m trying to find a way to integrate BSS with application development.

We do have a few mature products that needed their own website for better exposure and its not important if sales data is harvested from them. So I will try out their CDN.