How to create css background properties in BOOTSTRAP STUDIO css editor

Hi, when I write the css background properties, the BOOTSTRAP STUDIO css editor suggests: background / background-image .... OK Fine.

When I select one, "background-color" for example, the editor only suggests: initial / inherit. It's the same for all background properties.

It is particularly painful to define background images. I know you can do it via the control panels, but that directly adds style to the html, which I don't want.

Is there something I missed or didn't understand, or is it a bug? Thank you in advance.

You can do it in the Control Panels "and" specify which way you want it done. There is a dropdown there that you can choose if you want it to go to a specific CSS file and Class or to create a new Class in a specific CSS file. This setting does not save fully so you'll need to do this each session (or each time you reopen the app).