How to do a JS Slider?

I'm pretty new and I actually wanted to have an tutorial how to make those Sliders.

So you press "Home" and its slides to Home. Which Libary I should use? How to import it? How to use it?

I have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS. I might help. Besides of that I have good ideas so please help me, I just want to get real :P

Try some of the already built sliders in the app. Some of them are pretty neat, and some are not so great. Try those within the Built in UI section, and then check out the Online tab for some that others have built. That's the best way to check out how they work I think.

P.S. When you're just checking things out, if you don't like something it's best to just UNDO the addition rather than deleting it as that way you will get all the files removed as well. If you delete something manually, be sure to check the CSS, JS and sometimes even the FONTS directories for anything that may have been added with a Component.

Have fun!