How to drag a "Block" into a div or container

I'm trying to drag a simple-slider component into a container, or a div, and I can't get it to go into it.

Is there a way to do this that I am missing??

The Block is just a div, and I could add the "container" class to the "simple-slider" class, is this what I need to do?

You can't drag a block into a Container, you "should" be able to drag it into a DIV if the DIV isn't inside any container already.

The easy way around this is to: - Drag it to the top or bottom of your page and drop it there. This will automatically put it outside of any possible Containers. - Then check the Block to see if there are any classes set on it, usually there isn't. Then do the same with the Container that is usually within the block. - Drag the contents of the container (not the container just what's inside it) into the location you want it to be on your site. - Now if there were settings on the Block or Container of the original, add those to the appropriate locations that you put the element.

That's it! Seems like it's a tedious thing, but it's actually pretty simple and after you do it a few times you don't even think about it. I'm sure there's a better way for this to be set up in BSS, but for now that's about all we can do. I believe it's set up that way so that the components retain all of their settings, for those that maybe aren't too code savvy? Not sure, but anyways, that is what works pretty well for me. :)