How to edit Body and Html

Hi , Is it possible to edit the html for the whole page ? For instance, I would like to move some elements placed inside the head and move them to the bottom. Thanks for your help!

You can't "edit" it textually for the whole page like in a normal editor, but ... don't fret you can easily move things with drag and drop. Be sure you drag the rows/columns/containers/etc. that you need them to be in so you don't lose settings, but its really easy to do via either the Visual Preview pane or the Overview pane, your preference there. To do this just do the following:

In the Preview pane, select the item you want to move and if it's not quite getting to the parent div/container you want you can it the little "Up arrow" that is on the little blue box that pops up to the top left of the element you have selected. The "Up Arrow" will sequentially select the next parent div to whatever is selected. If it's not far enough, hit the arrow again until it's selecting the parent div you want. Another option to this is to use the Overview pane and select the parent directly. I find this way easier most times when there are multiple layers within an element. You can right click the items on the Overview pane and Label them as well. This helps you to find what you're looking for much better within the app, and doesn't show any of it when it exports, just a nice tool for helping you navigate your elements easier. This is the same place you will see the names show up for ID's as well, you'll know which is which by if there is the # sign in front or not.

From here you just drag it where you want it either in the Visual Preview or the Overview pane. If you have a lot of things on your Overview pane making it hard to know exactly where to put it, label them and that will help you get things where you want them.

That's it, it's extremely clean, doesn't muck up the code and super easy to manipulate elements in BSS.

If your items are in a Custom Code block, those of course will have to be done manually and you can find those in the Overview pane (again I would label them) and right click and choose edit and it will open it in the Styles area with all the text for you to directly edit.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot for your reply ! But I still don't understand how I can move the css or js <Link rel=""> from the Head tag to wherever I want .... hope it makes sense!

Ahh my bad, I didn't see you said within the Head. What's in the head that shouldn't be there? You really cannot add things accidentally to the Head since it's done automatically or with code to specific places, so I'm going to assume you are trying to recreate a site? If that's the case here's how things work with supporting files:

All CSS is listed in the head automatically All JS is listed in the footer automatically All CSS and JS are listed on all pages. You can rearrange the order that they are exported in by right clicking over the word Styles for CSS or Javascript for JS on the right side in the Design panel. When you do this you will get a dropdown to perform various functions for that area. What you want to choose is the Include order which allows you to drag your added files around in what order they need to be in for all of them to work properly. This view will NOT affect the list in the Design panel, that always shows in alphabetical order at this time. We're hoping to see this changed in the future so it reflects the actual order. Also keep in mind you cannot move the default Bootstrap file orders.

If you have files that you do not want to be in the Head or Footer then you will need to "Not" import them and instead reference them with absolute URL's for testing. It is suggested to upload these files to a location so you can use them in your projects while creating or testing. Once you are sure things work correctly, you can change the URL's to relative if they won't affect the styling of the site. Not suggested for CSS files.

You can also add certain parts to your Head by opening the options for the page itself. Right click over the name of the page in the Design pane and you'll see a Properties choice. Choose that and it will give you the option to add things to specific page in the Head. To add something globally to the Head of All pages, open the export options and you'll see the Head tab. Put your code in there and it will be on all pages.

Pretty much the app takes care of all of that for us, options change constantly so once you get a handle on it it may change a bit, but always for the better. We're hoping to see a future release where we can specify specific files to specific pages rather than all pages, but for now this works just great.

Please let me know if that didn't cover what you were after, and hope once again that it helps.