How to edit body styling

Hi there Trappers,

I'm very new to this program and I come from designing in Expression Web. The 1st thing I notice, and till now, can't find out how, is that the body and html tags are locked in bootstrap. The one thing I wanted to do is give the body no background color, which I can't seem to figure out how. I see the body has CCS styling , but I can't click it to edit. I wonder why it's by default locked. Doesn't feel free.

I have the same problems with dragging in components. When I set it to background: none. It will display it with a white background. I can set it to any color, but the white just don't go away :(

Ty in advance

In the css editor you can copy the body class to a custom stylesheet and from there you can change what you need to ?

Also try background-color: transparent;