How to edit or remove reflow store properties

Hello everyone, I am building a website for a business and I am using the reflow store to try and create an online shop but without any payment. I have successfully set up everything but there is no option in Reflow Store to disable the payment/shipping and remove the prices. For clarification I am only trying to disable the option of payment and let the user check out the items in cart for free and send the order email with the selected items. Any help would truly be appreciated!

Hello! Welcome to the forum and thank you for using Reflow!

As I understand it, you want to use Reflow as a catalog for products/services, without actually showing any prices.

Can you tell us a bit more about your specific use case?

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Yes you are exactly correct, I only want the reflow store as a no payment store, everything works fine until you add to cart and it asks for payment/shipping. I want to skip this step and just send the item order to the business email. Thank you for replying Danny

One solution that may work for you is to add Local Pickup Delivery with the Pay in Store option enabled.

This way customers will not be required to enter shipping information and the payment step will be skipped completely.


Thank you I will try your suggestion Danny

Hey Danny when I enable the pay at store option the cart checkout displays “ This store has no payment methods configured.”

You are probably using Reflow v1, which unfortunately doesn’t support the Pay in Store feature. This is the version of Reflow that is currently installed with Bootstrap Studio.

We should be ready with the Bootstrap Studio integration of Reflow v2 (which does support pay in store) sometime next week.

In the meantime, you can try upgrading to Reflow version 2 manually. It requires only changing a couple of URLs. Here is the migration guide.

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Hey Danny, if I understand correctly I do have Version 2 of Reflow in my CDN but it’s still showing no payment options, is there any way to check the reflow version my website is using? Thank you so much for replying to my questions btw! Update! I managed to get reflow v2 working after editing the html since the v1 toolkit was included before the v2 kit for some reason.

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