How to fix a STYLE.css problem (blank)

I created a new website, Calendar and downloaded the COMPONENT.. It added 11 css files and about 14-15 js files. Why do they have to be separate files? Anyway I installed the component in an Container > Row > Col and Ordered the CSS and JS in the numbered order. Shut down and restart BSS. Then tried the page on both a website and the IP Preview. The calendar comes up, but the functionality for Date Ranges and edit/delete does not exist. I am wondering if there are any instructions for this to get it working!!

WE've gotten futher on our own than this component.

Rick Now I really must clean up my BSS files!

I think I've got the css and js files straightened out now, but the Bootstrap Year Calendar does not save it's data. I realize the "datasource" as it is called, is in a javascript file that is located on a server. First off, it is called a data"source" so it's intention is only for demonstration purposes and it rewrites the data entered into memory each time it is loaded. So a different datafile needs to be programmed.

Additionally, the data file needs to be writeable on the server. I don't know if I went into the server and made that javascript file writeable, if the changes and new data would be stored. I might try this, but I am slowly coming to the conclusion that this Component is not ready for prime time for guys like me. It also needs a passive view of the data and an authentication module with an active data entry form. I think it is basically halfway there and needs more work. I don't believe I am the guy who will be able to make this work properly.

I would like to move away from an iframe calendar which is slower, but I believe it is not possible at this time.

Saj, thank you for your help during this long exploration.

Bootstrap Yearly Calendar with persistent data entry,... no it's not so easy, contrary to the website quote "It's so easy.."

Even the offline Bootstrap Yearly Calendar component has 11 css + 15 js files, does not work out of the 'box' so to speak, and does not even have the data entry forms working. So I don't think this component is ready for prime time and the files should be cleaned up and simplified for the inexperienced user.

I am guessing that Bootstrap Yearly Calendar + Datepickr need to be united with a simple JSON database Which allows sending a data object, receiving a data object and storing a data object on a server, It exchanges data between a browser and the server. It can only be text data.

However I am not the guy to do this.

I guess the database will need to use PHP and also wrap the database response in javascript for cross server transfers. This is too complicated for me to even begin.