How to import a final website with Bootstrap into Bootstrap Studio?


i just installed Boostrap Studio. I already have a website which i built with bootstrap (a folder with HTML-, CSS- and JS-files). How can I import that website into Bootstrap Studio to keep working with the website in the programm?

Ok before I explain , you need to know that your existing bootstrap site won't be editable as drag and drop if you import all of it in. But if you are happy to manually edit your code that's fine.

But if you want to enhance using drag and drop then I'm afraid you will need to rebuild your site using the tool with drag and drop from scratch.

To import your current site you just have to drag in your HTML, css and js manually.

1) open a browser window for you files 2) select all your html files for pages and drag into bootstrap studio and they will sit in the pages folder 3) select all your css file and drag them in and the same will happen, you will then need to reorder the css if needs be 4) select all your js files and then drag in all all with sit in the js folder

From there as I said you would need to manually edit your code as a custom code component.

I would advise that you rebuild using this tool as it will be slow to start with but will make it easier going forward.