How to import functioning HTML programs into Bootstrap project?

Hello, I am new to Bootstrap Studio and am pretty much learning everything as I go! I am creating front end pages for a school software project. I have written a chat box program in HTML and CSS and would like to include that inside the pages I am designing with Bootstrap Studio. I don't have problem importing the files, I am just not sure how can I include the chat box in the project. The only thing I could think of was to place a Form then convert it into HTML and paste my code there, however that didn't work and I am still confused on how to also use the CSS file which I have imported. Really appreciate it if you could point me to the right direction.

I would definitely suggest you take a run through the tutorials (get there via the menu at the top right). They are old many of them, but they will give you the basics of how things working the program which covers what you're asking about. :)

Thank you for your response! I have just finished looking over the tutorial section and watched the videos which answered some of my other questions. Seems like my answer can be found in this tutorial but the problem is after I have imported my chat html file (Index.html) and right click on it, I don't see the "Import HTML File" option. Please look at the screenshot below.

Never mind! Figured it out and it was much simpler than I imagined! Thanks

Glad you found it. Just keep in mind that imported html pages do not have drag and drop or editing in the panels available. You just edit it in the custom code setup that it creates. If you want full functionality, consider starting from scratch and recreate the site pages with the built in components.