How to insert span element into existing text?

Hi all,

I’ve been using Bootstrap Studio for a short time and I’m getting along quite well. What I haven’t figured out though: How can I quickly and easily insert a span element into an existing text?

Currently I don’t know any other way than this very awkward one you see in the screenshot:

Can’t it be simpler?

Thanks a lot and regards,

If there’s a simpler way I don’t know of it either. Pretty sure that’s the only way at this time. Would be nice if there were a more convenient way.

That’s not good news. Then I will probably always use custom code in such places, which I have prepared in Notepad++ beforehand.

“span” is actually an element that surrounds a piece of text, so a function like for “strong” or “em” would have made sense.

Thanks for your answer!

I do agree with you fully, feel free to add that to the ideas section and I’ll +1 it as well as I’m sure many others will. Span does work pretty well in BSS, but would be so much easier to just highlight text and click span in the text editor area. Not sure what they can do with it, but they are pretty responsive to ideas ( not that it will mean the “will” do it ), but if we don’t ask, they won’t know we want something :slight_smile:

To insert a span component in a text and replace text is just two keystrokes, can it be easier.
First mark the text you want to replace with a span
press ctrl-x
drop the span component double click on it
and it’s done


Kuli beat me to it, but I was about to say, using the keyboard shortcuts is infinitely more efficient than all that mouse clicking.

@jo-r: Yes, I will post my request in the ideas section. And I think I have some other ideas … :slight_smile:

@kuligaposten: Doing it this way is really a lot easier. Thanks for the suggestion!

@printninja: You’re absolutely right! I have a gaming mouse with extra buttons for cut, copy, and paste, so I don’t even have to reach for the keyboard. I only used the right mouse button for screen capture so you can see what I’m doing.