How to link to a ID from another page inside my website

Hi all.

I am trying to put a link to my website with a predefined ID, so that when the user clicks on a link, it will redirect him exactly to the point of the ID he is calling, but on another html document of my website. I've tried to link documents within the website itself and it works fine, but when I try to link to another .html document, it doesn't do anything, it just redirects it to the header of the document it's calling to, regardless of the previously defined ID I'm calling I don't know if I've explained correctly what I want to do... For example, if I want to call the id "Features" of another .html document, it always shows the document's header, but does not display the exact place the id refers to

Thanks all for your help!

Where is your website? Can you show us the live site? It will be easier to diagnose your problem if we can see the actual HTML in question. As long as you're using the correct path for your link, and the ID is in the correct place on your target page, it shouldn't matter whether the other .html page was made in BSS or not.

Nevermind, I didnt see a simple noobie error. Thanks for your help anyway!