How to make links in the preview work?

The current situation is rather strange. At times, but very rarely, the links in the preview do work and I can browse through my project. Most of the time the links do not work. I click at a link and it redirects me back to the page I have opened in Bootstrap Studio. Currently, the links chosen through the options panel do not self-update when the name or path of the underlying file has changed. This means, that it is up to me to check the validity of the links throughout the design. (This is sad news, any chance you will implement self-updating in upcoming releases?) Right now, with the auto-redirect in place I cannot check the links efficiently. Exporting the design each time to check the links is an over-kill, especially because I already have a live-preview opened. Having to switch through two different previews of the project will lead to confusion–which one is which?–and thus to unnecessary frustration. Is there any chance you could get Boostrap Studio to make sure that the linking within the project stays consistent through 1) self-updating links which is triggered when a file is moved or renamed with Bootstrap Studio 2) making sure an user can browse through the project in the live-preview and 3) a scan for dead links such that all dead-ends are known? When it comes down to dead-links one has to be cautious because some dead-links might actually be wanted. Of course, there are several types of links and there are different ways of checking them which is one of the roadblocks. It would be, however, nice to see some of the basic functionality of this feature to already be in place.