How to make time input as 12H format?

So I am using input for time like this

<input class="form-control" name="Start Time" required type="time" />

How do I change this to 12Hour format? Like 01:30 PM


Afaik, by default we can’t set for 12 Hour formats via input. But you still can manipulate the value and convert the value into 12H format with some javascript line.

Btw, you can try to look for online resources in your BSS about it with keyword ‘12H Time Format’

The time input takes its format from the users system files, so if they are set as 24 hour it will be 24 hour.

You could try searching “bs 5 material time picker” to get a plug in.

Another option is to have three select boxes and a javasript box to join them together how you want