How to open several pages of the same project?

Hi, I want to open several pages of my project to be able to faster switch back and forth. Is this possible?

Not possible sorry

Yeah I too wish this were possible, asked about this quite some time ago too and haven't really seen anything on if this will ever be something we can do. Would truly save a lot of time I think too.

Has anyone tried to run two instances of BBS? Not sure if this is handled gently...

Haven't tried, but I'm thinking that it isn't possible to do so even. Not sure how helpful it would be though either, especially for trying to work on the same project, might corrupt it or something lol. eeeeks! :P

Before BSS4 I was able to run the 32bit along side the 64bit. I didn't work that was was just something I had done once. But BSS4 kill my 32bit installed. Now if I were to run it then it bugs out the BSS4 64bit version I have to deleted files in the BSS4 user folder.