How to position items side by side

I have just purchased BS lifetime and I have been trying to visually populate components side by side (like two short tables). It sounds trivial, yet I could not do it. Or would it only be possible by writing CSS code manually?
Thanks in advance.

In the studio tab, select a two column row and add that onto your stage.

Then drag a table component onto each column

This will give you two columns side by side on desktop, and one below the other on mobile

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Thanks Richards.
I already discovered how to “glue” other cells sideways to a table, it works fine. My problem is generally placing components sideways. Below each other it is OK. Before buying BS I was tinkering in CSS and used something like display: inline-block. I could use even now, I just thought it would be possible by drag and drop as well.

Try adding the class of ‘float-start’ to an element.

Check out the bootstrap documentation, lots of stuff is already done for you, and then its a case of just adding different classes to your element.

Thank you very much! Yes indeed, ‘float-start’ is my useful direction.
Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face: