How to put a Studio site on a host server

I have a servere on one of various hosting dsites (example: goDaddy, hostGator, etc.) I want to put what i have designed there in a subfolder (not a subdomain). Having no luck.

Can I get instructions on how to do this. I just want to see one page if it works. This doesn't seem like it should be hard. Is it cause its not a php file?


You will need to contact your hosting service to ask them how to upload files to their server. As for the files from BSS, you just need to create a directory for them and upload them to that directory to test them out. You "will" want them in a sub folder (not the same as sub directory) so you don't overwrite what you have on your server right now). Then to get to them just type the domain name followed by /newfoldernamehere/index.html

Anything further than that you'll need to contact your hosting service for. Uploading the files from BSS is pretty straight forward. You just upload the files exactly as they are exported to you. There's nothing special you have to do, and if it's going to be directly on the server instead of a sub folder, then you just upload them directly to the main server's html or www locations (usually set up as /public_html) and go to your domain directly (no need to really enter the index.html page).