How to remove "navbar-right' & how I hide html and css in bottom?

hello, I just found bootstrap studio and purchased it, I really loved it. but there are two things killing me right now; first I'm working in rtl websites and every thing the app great but I cannot remove the "navbar-right" from the nav html.

the second thing I've got small screen so I really like to minimize all unwanted views from any application. at first the html&css sections were hidden but when I showed them I could not hide them anymore :(


if you click html / css window in the black space just to the left of CSS tab heading it will minimize - you also have option to adjust the window yourself too.

can you be more specific about what you want to do with your nav? - if you are seeing nav-bar-right its because you have select for the nav to show on the right in the 'Options' menu in the top right of the screen.

thank you so much, that how it's done!

thank you again

glad i could help :)